Add Peripheral Device in Enrollment Mode

Add Peripheral Device in Enrollment Mode

In Enrollment mode, when you bring the peripheral device (or detector) close to a wireless receiver, wireless communication between them will be established after you confirm such an establishment. And at the same time through the wired connection between the security control panel and the wireless receiver, which plays the role of intermediary, the connection between the peripheral device (or detector) and the security control panel will be established.

You should have added wireless receiver(s) or the keypad to the Axiom Hybrid. For details, see the user manual of Axiom Hybrid.


Enrollment mode is only supported by Axiom Hybrid.

  1. On the device list page, tap the security control panel and then log in to the device (if required) to enter the Partition page.
  2. Tap to enter the Settings page.
  3. Tap Enrollment Mode to enter the Device Type page.

    The Device Type page displays four device types, including detector, wireless output expander, wireless repeater, and wireless siren.

  4. Select a device type.
  5. Select a wireless receiver or a keypad which has a built-in wireless receiver.

    Select the wireless receiver or keypad which is the nearest to the device to ensure the device works after enrolling (adding) the device to the security control panel.

  6. Present the peripheral device to the wireless receiver or keypad, and then press the Learn button on the peripheral device.

    The peripheral device will be enrolled (added) to the security control panel.