Add a Device by IP/Domain

Add a Device by IP/Domain

You can add the device by fixed IP address or domain name. The streaming speed of devices added by IP/domain is faster than those added by Hik-Connect domain.

  • If you want to add the access control device, activate it before adding. See the user manual of the access control device for details.

  • You should activate it via other clients such as iVMS-4200 client software. Make sure the device is powered on.


The Mobile Client doesn't support receiving alarm event information from devices added by IP/domain. For details about managing event information on the Mobile Client, see Alarm Notification

  1. Tap and select Manual Adding.
  2. Select IP/Domain as the adding type.
  3. Enter the required information, such as alias, address, user name, camera No. and device password.

    Device IP address or domain name.

    Camera No.

    The number of the camera(s) under the device can be obtained after the device is successfully added.

  4. Tap to add the device.
    • If the device is offline, you should connect the device to a network. For details, see Connect Offline Device to Network.

    • If the device is not activated, the Activate Device page will be popped up (exclude the access control device). You should activate the device. For details, see Activate an Inactive Device.

  5. Optional: Perform the following operations after adding the device.
    Option Description

    Edit Device Information

    On the Device Information page, tap to edit the basic information of the device.

    Star Live View

    Tap Start Live View to view the live view of the device.

    Delete a Device

    Tap and then tap Delete to delete the device.

    Configure Device Parameters

    Tap and then tap Remote Configuration to remotely configure device parameters such as basic information, time settings, recording schedule, etc. See Remotely Configure Device for details.

    Remote Controller

    Tap and then tap Remote Controller to remotely control the device. See Use Mobile Client as Device's Remote Controller for details.