Share a Single Device

Share a Single Device

You can select a device and then share it to a specified account, and at the same time you can determine the permission(s) that the recipient has to access the device. For example, if you do not grant the two-way audio permission to the recipient, the recipient will have no access to two-way audio functionality of the shared device.

  1. Select the device and then enter the Recipient page.
    Option Description

    Option 1

    1. Tap to display the device list page in list mode.

    2. Swipe the target device's name to the left, and then tap .

    Option 2

    1. Enter the Live View page.


      For details about how to enter the Live View page, see Start and Stop Live View.

    2. Select a live view window and than tap .

    3. Tap Share.

    Option 3

    For security control panel, tap the device on device list page to enter the device details page and then tap .

  2. Set the account that you want to share device with.
    Option Description

    Manually Add a Recipient

    1. Enter the email address or the mobile phone number bound with the recipient's account in the Search box.

    2. If matched history account(s) exists, select a history account.

      If no matched history account(s) found, tap Add Recipient to enter the Add Recipient page.

    3. (Optional) Enter a remark for the recipient, such as his or her name.


      Only you can view the remark content while the account you shared with can not.

    4. Tap to select the recipient's account and add it to the history account list.

    5. Tap Next.

    Add Recipient by Scanning QR Code

    1. Tap on the Recipient page to scan the QR code of the target account.

      The account will be listed on the account list.


      Go to More > Account Management > My QR Code to get the QR code of your account.

    2. Select the account from the history account list and than tap Next.

  3. Optional: If you are sharing a device linked with multiple cameras, select the camera(s) that need to be shared.
  4. Configure permissions for the to-be-shared device(s).
    • Check All Permissions on the Sharing Details page to select all the permissions.

    • Tap the device displayed on the Sharing Details page, and then select permission(s) and tap .

    For example, if you select Live View and Remote Playback, the recipient will have the permissions to view live video and play back the video footage of the device.

  5. Tap Finish.

    A message about the sharing will appear on the recipient's Mobile Client. He or she can tap the message, and then accept or reject the shared device.

  6. Optional: Delete the recipient account and all the sharing information.
    1. Go to More > Manage Sharing Settings.
    2. Tap the account and then tap Delete.