Add a Device by Scanning Device QR Code

Add a Device by Scanning Device QR Code

You can add the device by scanning the device's QR code.


If adding an access control device, you should activate the device and set the device network information via other clients (e.g., iVMS-4200 client software) before adding it to this client.

  1. On the device list page, tap > Scan QR Code to enter the Scan QR Code page.
  2. Scan the QR code.
    • Scan the device QR code by aligning the QR Code with the scanning frame.

      • Usually, the QR code is printed on the label, which is on the back cover of the device.

      • Tap to enable the flashlight if the scanning environment is too dark.

    • If there are device QR codes in photo album of the phone, tap to extract QR code from local album.

  3. Optional: Perform the following operations if the following situations occur.
  4. Tap Add on the Result page.
  5. Enter the device verification code.

    The device will be added successfully.

    • The default device verification code is usually on the device label. If no verification code found, enter the device verification code you created when enabling Hik-Connect service.

    • For details about enabling Hik-Connect service, see Enable Hik-Connect Service for Device.

  6. Optional: Tap Configure DDNS to configure DDNS.
    • See Set DDNS for details.

    • After DDNS being enabled, the device will be accessed via IP address in priority, so that remote configuration of the device will be supported and the streaming speed will be faster than streaming via Hik-Connect service.

    • If you skip this step, the device will be accessed via Hik-Connect service.

  7. Tap Finish.
  8. Optional: Delete the device.
    • On the device list, if the list is in list mode, swipe the device name to the left and tap > Delete Device.

    • On the device list, if the list is in thumbnail mode, tap the device name or tap , and then tap Delete Device.