Start and Stop Playback

Start and Stop Playback

You can search the camera's recorded video files in a selected time period and then start playback.

  1. On the device list page, tap at the upper-left corner to enter the Select Item(s) page.
  2. Set the date and time for playback.
    Playback Date

    Select a date.


    The date during which video files were recorded is marked with a yellow dot.

    Playback Time

    Set the start time point for the playback in the selected date.

  3. Select camera(s).

    You can select up to 4 cameras.

  4. Tap Start Playback to enter the Playback page.
  5. Optional: Perform the following operations.
    Option Description

    Adjust Playback Time

    Slide the timeline to adjust the playback time.


    represents continuous recording and represents event-triggered recording.

    Scale up and down Timeline

    Spread two fingers apart to scale up the timeline or pinch them together to scale down.

    Figure 1. Timeline