Set Zone Parameters

Set Zone Parameters

You can set zone parameters, such as zone type, linked camera, and Stay/Away settings. Zone is a basic concept in the security control panel system. It refers to a protection area in the system, and is regarded as the maximum recognizable unit to distinguish the alarm event.

You should have linked detector(s) to the wireless security control panel. For details, see the user manual of the security control panel.

  1. On the device list page, tap the security control panel and then log in to the device (if required) to enter the control panel page.
  2. Tap Zone and then tap a detector (zone) on the zone list to enter the Settings page.
    Figure 1. Zone Settings Page
  3. Set parameters for the zone (or detector).
    Zone Type

    See the descriptions of each zone type on the Zone Type page.

    If you select Delayed Zone, you should select an entry delay (Entry Delay 1 or Entry Delay 2) on the pop-up page.

    You can set Entry Delay 1 and Entry Delay 2. See Set Partition Parameters for details.

    If you select Timeout Zone, you should select a timeout value or tap Custom to set a custom value.

    Linked Camera

    Link a camera to the zone. See Link Camera to Zone for details.


    If enabled, the zone will be auto-bypassed during stay arming.


    For details about bypassing a zone, see Bypass a Zone.


    Enable the security control panel to chime when the zone is triggered.

    Enable Silent Zone

    If enabled, no siren will be triggered if alarm occurs.