Functions in Visitor Mode

Functions in Visitor Mode

Most of the functions supported in a registered account are supported in visitor mode.

Tap Visitor Mode on the Home page or the Login page to enter visitor mode.

The followings are the functions supported in visitor mode.

Device Management

Add devices to the Mobile Client and configure device settings. See Add Device for Management and Device Settings for details.

Sharing Device

Tap > Scan QR Code to scan the QR code of another visitor account to share device(s) to the account. For details about sharing device, see Share Device.


To get the QR code of a visitor account, go to More > Account Management.

Live View and Playback

View live video of the added devices and play back the videos. See Live View and Playback for details.

Access Control

Control door status and check access control events. See Access Control for details.


You should have added access control devices to the Mobile Client.

Security Control Panel Management

Manage partitions and zones for the security control panel. See Security Control for details.

Alarm Configuration

Configure the alarm notifications on Alarm Notification page. See Alarm Notification for details.