Set Partition Parameters

Set Partition Parameters

The Mobile Client allows you to set partition parameters such as alarm duration, auto arm, and auto disarm. A partition is an independent control system of a security control panel. It allows you to batch arm/disarm all zones in it. If the security control panel has two partitions, you have two independent systems for arming or disarming.

  1. On the device list, tap the security control panel and then log in to the device (if required) to enter the Partition page.
  2. Tap More to enter the Settings page.
  3. Configure parameters for the partition.
    Auto Arm

    Enable the partition to automatically arm itself in a specific time point.

    Auto Arm Time

    Set the time point for the partition to automatically arm itself.

    Late to Disarm
    Enable the device to push a notification to the phone or tablet to remind the user to disarm the partition when the partition is still armed after a specific time point.

    You should have enabled Operation Event Notification on the Web Client of the security control panel, or the notification will not be pushed to the phone or tablet. For details about the Web Client, see the user manual of the security control panel.

    Late to Disarm Time

    Set the time point mentioned in Late to Disarm.

    Weekend Exception

    If enabled, Auto Arm, Auto Disarm, and Late to Disarm are disabled on the weekend.

    Entry Delay 1
    Entry Delay 2

    Set a value for Entry Delay 1 and Entry Delay2. Entry delay is a time concept. If entry delay is configured for the delayed zone, when you enter an armed delayed zone, the zone alarm will not be triggered until the end of entry delay.


    After set value for Entry Delay 1 and Entry Delay 2, you should set the entry delay of a specific zone to the value of Entry Delay 1 or Entry Delay 2. see Set Zone Parameters for details.

    Exit Delay

    Set exit delay for the delayed zone. If exit delay is configured for the delayed zone, after you arm the zone on the indoor unit, you can exit the zone without triggering alarm until the end of exit delay.