Reserve Email Address for Resetting Password

Reserve Email Address for Resetting Password

You should have reserved email address for resetting the admin password of NVR or DVR if you want to change the password by scanning QR code.

  • Upgrade the firmware of the NVR or DVR to make the device support self-service password reset.

  • If the device is inactivated, check Reserved Email Settings when activate it. For details about activating NVR or DVR, see the user manual of the device.


The DVR or NVR should support the function.

  1. Go to Configuration > User on the local GUI of the device.
  2. Select admin user and then click Edit.
  3. Enter the password of the device in the Old Password field.
  4. Click the Settings icon in Reserved E-mail Settings field.
  5. Enter an email address for receiving verification code, and then click OK.