Set a Preset

Set a Preset

A preset is a predefined image position which contains configuration parameters for pan, tilt, zoom, focus and other parameters. You can also set a virtual preset after enabling digital zoom. After you set a preset, you can call the preset and then the camera will move to the programmed position.

  1. Pan and tilt a camera to move the camera direction to a desired position.

    See Pan and Tilt a Camera for details.

  2. In the PTZ Control panel, tap Add Preset to open the following window.
    Figure 1. Set a Preset
  3. Swipe the number up or down to set the preset No.

    The preset No. should be between 1 and 256.

  4. Tap Set to complete setting the preset.
  5. Tap Call to call the preset.
  6. Optional: Tap Delete to delete the preset.