Answer Call from Indoor Station

Answer Call from Indoor Station

If no one answers the call via the indoor station for a while, the call will be forwarded to the Mobile Client. You can answer the call, view the live video of the door station, as well as open the door.

You should have added an video intercom device to the Mobile Client. See Add Device for Management for details.


Up to 6 users can view the live video of the same door station at the same time. If there's already been 6 users viewing the live video, you can only use the audio function of the video intercom device.

  1. Tap the call message to enter the following page.
    Figure 1. Call Page
  2. Perform the following operations.
    Option Description

    Answer the Call

    Tap to answer the call.

    Stop/Restart Live View

    Tap to stop the live view. And tap to restart it.


    Tap to mute the live video.

    Open Door

    Tap to open the door.

    Digital Zoom

    Pinch two fingers together to zoom in the live video image, and spread them apart to zoom out.