Other Functions

Other Functions

The PTZ Control panels provide other functions such as PTZ speed adjustment, auto-scan, focus control, iris control, and auto-tracking.

Tap More on the PTZ Control panel to view the functions.

Table 1. Other Functions



Start/stop the auto-scan, which means to make the speed dome pan, tilt, and (or) zoom by a predefined route.

  • You can define the route on the device. For details, see the user manual of the device.

  • The function should be supported by the device.

Zoom control: Zoom+/ Zoom-

Focus control: Focus +/ Focus -

Iris control: Iris +/ Iris -

Adjust PTZ speed.

Enable/Disable auto-tracking. After enabled, when the camera detects a moving object, the camera will pan, tilt, and zoom to track the object until the object moves out of the field of view of the camera.


The function should be supported by the device.