For a device added via Hik-Connect Domain or Scaning QR code, if DDNS is enabled, the device's streams will be accessed via IP address in priority. In this case, you can remotely configure device and the speed of streaming will be faster than that of streaming via Hik-Connect service.

  1. Enter the Settings page of the device.
    • On the device list page, if the page is in list mode, swipe the device's name to the left and tap .

    • On the device list page, if the page is in thumbnail mode, tap the device's name or tap .

    • On the Live View page. Tap and then tap Settings.


      For details about how to enter the Live View page, see Start and Stop Live View

  2. On the Settings page, tap Configure DDNS to enter the Configure DDNS page.
  3. Set the required information.
    Device Domain Name

    The default device domain name is the serial number of the device. If you want to edit it, the edited domain name should contain 1 to 64 characters, including numbers, lowercase letters, and dashes. And it should start with a lowercase letter and cannot end with a dash.

    Port Mapping Mode

    For details about setting port mapping, tap How to Set Port Mapping.


    The entered port number should be from 1 to 65535.

    User Name

    Enter the device user name.


    Enter the device password.

  4. Tap .