Control All Zones in One Partition

Control All Zones in One Partition

You can control the arming status of all zones in a partition.

  • The function should be supported by the device.

  • The security control panel's Single Zone Arming or Disarming function should be disabled. For details, see the user manual of the security control panel.

  1. On the device list, tap the arming status icon on the right of the security control to enter the Partition page.
    Figure 1. Partition Page
  2. Optional: If the device contains more than one partition, tap the partition name at the top of the page to switch partitions.
  3. Optional: View zone status.

    The zone is bypassed. For details about bypassing a zone, see Bypass a Zone.


    The detector is faulty.


    When a zone is faulty, bypass the zone to ensure the partition which the zone belongs to can be armed.

  4. Control all zones in the partition.

    When all the people in the detection area leave, turn on the away arming mode to turn on all zones in the partition after the defined dwell time.


    When the people stays inside the detection area, turn on the stay arming mode to turn on all the perimeter burglary detection (such as perimeter detector, magnetic contacts, curtain detector in the balcony). At the meantime, the detectors inside the detection area are bypassed (such as PIR detectors). People can move inside the area and alarm will not be triggered.


    In disarming mode, all the zones in the partition will not trigger alarm, no matter alarm events happen or not.

    Clear Alarm

    When zones in the partition trigger alarms, tap Clear Alarm to clear the sound and light alarming prompt.

    Set the enter delay time and the exit delay time for the delayed zone.
    Enter Delay Time

    The waiting period between the indoor station triggering alarms and sending alarm information to the alarm center. Therefore, during entering delay time, you can disarm the zone without triggering alarms.

    Exit Delay Time

    The time period between the time when you arm the indoor station and the time when the arming take effect. Exit delay allows you to exit the zone without triggering alarms after arming the zone.