Event Playback

Event Playback

Event playback refers to the playback based on the detected events, such as motion detection. You can select an event and then play back the event-related video footage. Duration playback, you can also save the event-related picture if it has been captured by the camera.

Make sure you have configured events for the selected camera. For details, see Configure Normal Event and Configure Smart Event.

  1. Start normal playback.

    For details, see Normal Playback.

  2. Tap Event Playback to enter the Event Playback page.

    The event-related video footage within the latest 7 days will be displayed.

    Figure 1. Event Playback Page
  3. Select a date and then tap an event to start playback.
  4. Optional: Tap and then tap Save Image to save the event-related picture.

    Make sure you have configured the required event linkage action (capturing event-related picture) for the device. For details, see the user manual of the device.